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Verify mailbox accessibility using EWS

Verify mailbox accessibility using EWS

Follow the below steps to verify a mailbox which is accessible using EWS

  • Browse to
  • Select Office 365 tab if you are using Office 365.
  • Click 'Service Account Access'.
  • Enter the Target mailbox email address.
  • Enter the service account user name and password. If are using admin credentials on the connector, enter the exact same user name and password.
  • Verify Specify Exchange Web Services URL and specify the URL (example: https://myserver/EWS/Exchange.asmx).
  • If you are using Exchange Server, do not check Use Exchange Impersonation. If you are using Office 365, and using impersonation, check the box.
  • Check Ignore Trust for SSL.
  • Click Perform Test.
  • Verify overall result once results are displayed, and click Expand All.