EdbMails easy-to-use EDB to Office 365 / Exchange Server migration feature can migrate offline EDB file mailboxes directly to any Office 365 tenants or to Live Exchange Server. The complete migration is granular and incremental, which will ensure no duplicate data on your target server upon repeated migration.

EdbMails is designed to handle bulk migration wherein it will automatically set the required mailbox permissions and creates mailboxes on your target server without any manual intervention. It will allow you to install on any number of computers to speedup your migration operation.

EDB to Office 365 / Exchange Overview

  • Granular, incremental EDB to Office 365 migration
  • Incremental migration avoids duplicate items creation on target server
  • Automatically maps mailboxes between EDB file and target server
  • Creates mailboxes on target Office 365 without any manual intervention
  • Full / selective mailboxes / folders migration and maintains the original folder structure
  • Migrates all the mailbox items like Email, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes etc.
  • Supports Public folders and Archive mailbox migration
  • Migrate accidentally deleted mailboxes / folders
  • Ideally designed for bulk mailbox migration from Exchange EDB to Office 365 tenants and to Live Exchange server
  • Lifetime license with unlimited computer installation and unlimited EDB file migration

What we recover, export and migrate?

EDB recovery. EDB to PST Converter. EDB to Office 365 Migration. EDB to Live Exchange Migration

Data from EDB

Export to PST

Migrate to Office 365

Migrate to Exchange

Mail Items   
Alias / Distribution Groups   
Data Journal   
Public Folders (Unlimited)   
Archive Mailboxes (Unlimited)   
Shared Mailbox   
Massive Mailboxes (50 GB+)   
Email Categories   
Folder & Calendar   
Mailboxes (Unlimited)   
Meeting Invite Integrity / Status   
Applicable for EDB to Exchange and Office 365 Migration
Auto Mapping (Map source and destination mailboxes)   
Incremental Migration (No duplicates)   
Automatic Mailbox creation on Office 365   
Archive Mailbox migration   
Public folder migration   
Shared Mailbox migration   

Why EDB to Office 365 Migration?

EDB to Office 365. Archive mailbox Migration. Public folder Migration.

  • Microsoft is no longer supporting legacy Exchange servers and Windows servers. No bug fixes and security updates.
  • An advantage of Migrating to Office 365 cloud is that there are no worries about server maintenance, security issues and system updates.
  • Office 365 migration using native Microsoft inbuilt solution is a complex and time consuming process. It involves a lot of research and scripting.
  • With the On-premises deployments of your Email server, data is vulnerable to hardware and software issues, corruption, and unauthorized accesses.
  • Upgrade your Exchange server to the latest Exchange server version to have all the latest features and security updates for your users.
  • Access your email on multiple devices using Office 365 Outlook and mobile applications.

EDB to Office 365 Migration

Why EDB to Exchange Migration?

EDB to Live Exchange. Archive mailbox Migration. Public folder Migration.

EDB to Live Exchange Migration

  • Many organizations prefer to stay on-premises Exchange Server for the higher security
  • EdbMails migration solution is the simplest and the best way to migrate mailboxes from EDB to Exchange
  • Migrating to on-premises Exchange gives you physical control over your backup
  • Keeps critical data in-house. No third party has access to your information
  • On-premises Exchange will be more cost-effective for small to mid-sized companies

Why EdbMails to migrate offline EDB file?

Best EDB recovery tool. Automatic EDB to Office 365 Migration tool. EDB to Live Exchange server Migration.

No-duplicate incremental migration

Incremental migration without any duplicates

EdbMails helps you to perform incremental migration from your EDB mailboxes/public folders to Office 365 / Live Exchange server. Thanks to EdbMails, you can save both time and bandwidth as only the newly added items to the mailboxes will be migrated on consecutive migrations from the same computer.

No data loss whatsoever

No data loss whatsoever

EdbMails creates a 1:1 copy of the source EDB mailbox in Office 365 tenants / Live Exchange server mailboxes during migration. Every last bit of information from the source EDB file will migrated as is without any data loss or modification. Thus, you can always rely on EdbMails for risk free EDB to Office 365 migration.

Complete Public Folder migration

Complete Public Folder migration

Support for Public Folder and Archive mailbox migration from EDB file to Office 365 / Live Exchange server public folder and archive mailbox respectively. You can easily connect to destination Office 365 or Live Exchange server Public folder/ Archive mailbox and perform migration.

Auto re-connectivity for intermittent connection problems

Auto re-connectivity for intermittent connection problems

Intermittent connection problems during EDB to Office 365 migration or Live Exchange server will not halt your migration progress as EdbMails can re-connect to the servers and progressing the migration.

No File size limitation

No File size limitation

EdbMails does not impose any restrictions on the size of EDB file or the number of mailboxes that can be migrated to Office 365 / Live Exchange server. Even very large EDB files can be migrated with ease.

Direct migration without third party dependencies

Direct migration without third party dependencies

Install EdbMails on any source server or client computer. EdbMails provides completely reliable migration as it is not dependent on any third party cloud platforms or other services or DLLs and performs direct EDB mailbox migration to Office 365 / Live Exchange Migration. All the credentials you provide for the migration will be kept secure.

Automatic mailbox mapping

Automatic mailbox mapping

For large migrations, EdbMails can automatically map the source EDB mailboxes to destination Office 365 mailboxes / Live Exchange server mailboxes for a nearest matching and saving time. You can also manually map the source EDB mailboxes to respective Office 365 mailboxes / Live Exchange server mailboxes if you wish to.

Completely safe and secure migration

Completely safe and secure migration

EdbMails stores all metadata that is necessary for your the EDB to Office 365 / Live Exchange migration project locally. There is no chance of any information leakage to outsiders.

Detailed migration reports

Detailed migration reports

EdbMails will generate comprehensive logs for all your migration activities. These logs will contain folder wise migration details and the exported mail count. You can also view these logs during or after an ongoing migration operation.

Automatically set Impersonation rights

Automatically set Impersonation rights

You will no longer have to rely on any powershell cmdlets for setting impersonation rights as EdbMails will do it automatically for you. Impersonation rights enables the admin user to migrate the mailboxes of other users without needing their credentials.

Automatic mailbox creation on the target server

Automatic mailbox creation on the target server

EdbMails can automatically create mailboxes in the target Office 365. Enter the User Principal Name (UPN), password and other required details. EdbMails will seamlessly handle the rest and can also assign licenses automatically to the newly created mailboxes for your convenience.

Various filtering options

Various filtering options

Export exactly what you need as EdbMails allows you to include/exclude mail filters based on before/after date, subject, to/from address and attachment names for the migration operation.

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  • I was looking for Exchange 2007 to Office 365 migration tool. I had tried to move from Exchange 2007 to cloud Office 365 using EdbMails software. EdbMails worked great and it helped me a lot in Exchange Server to Office 365 migration.
     – Renee Kontson

  • BOSSGTS would like to thank EdbMails for their amazing software - through this software, we were able to recover multiple damaged EDB database files, and successfully migrate data to a new, live exchange server. We personally recommend this solution to ANYONE stuck with mail downtime, and going forward, will not use any other software, other than EdbMails suite
      – Darren - South Africa

  • This product recouped nearly everything which we had lost when our Exchange Server got slammed. Great product.
     – Melvin
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • It is in fact a great product
    You've saved myself countless sleepless nights of manually exporting individuals mailboxes of 10GB+ to PST and then importing back again to O365
     – Ignatii

  • I bought your software and it is really easy, it has perfectly exported my client's old Exchange 2010 to Office 365, Thank you EdbMails Team!
      – Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

  • I have used EDB to PST and EDB to O365 with the converter tool, and I like the way it works!
      – Daniel Friedhoff

  • I have used the EdbMails to recover and migrate my Exchange EDB file to Office 365.
    Nice software... I will indicate to my friends ...
    – Paulo Matos
    Santo Andre, Brazil

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