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  1. Office 365 multiple tenants connection using Admin user and impersonation rights.

    In the Office 365 connection wizard to begin the migration process if you want to connect using global admin user then select “ Connect using global admin user” and select the required mail items and click “ next” to move into further step.

    Connect to global admin user

    Now the login wizard will open in that you need to login with your organizational login credentials to allow you to continue working with migration process

    source office 365 login

    After successful login will be display with message box to display list of mailboxes. If you choose “yes” it will display previously stored mailboxes

    login message

    If you choose “No” next wizard will open to display list of mailboxes select one of them

    load mailboxes

    Load Mailboxes Automatically

    This option lists all the mailboxes for it failed to load then you can easily load using .CSV file.

    Load Mailboxes using .CSV file

    In this option you have to do the following steps to load mailboxes

    load mailboxes using csv

    Load mailboxes from previously stored list

    This option will display all the mailboxes which are stored previously.


    Using Global Admin Account it lets you to use the single Global Admin account to migrate any Exchange server mailboxes no need to login for each and every users for effective email migration.

    If you are using Global Admin then you need to use Global Admin account for login and you must set impersonation rights to the Global Admin account otherwise application does not allow you to access source mailbox and to take everything as planned by the application.

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