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Duplicate items in target server after a repeated migration


Duplicate items in target server after a repeated migration


Use EdbMails application for your migration to avoid duplicate items in your target server during consecutive migrations.

Incremental migration

During Exchange Migration, the mailbox which is being migrated might receive emails on the source server. And there will be a high chance that the newly arrived mail not being migrated to the target server.Therefore, in order to migrate them without duplicating on the target server,EdbMails provides built-in support for incremental migration. The consecutive migrations allow only the new items which are not yet migrated by comparing the previous migration.

Incremental migration

Once you migrate the mailboxes from a computer, the next consecutive migration should be carried out from the same source mailbox and same computer to the same target mailbox to avoid duplicates.

This feature of EdbMails Exchange migration saves migration time, bandwidth and improves performance of the migration.

Steps to Perform Incremental migration from a different machine:

Copy and paste the meta-data folder 'C:\Program Files (x86)\EdbMails\MDATA_MGR' from the already migrated computer to the new computer. Set the 'Temp location for meta-data' accordingly as shown in the below screenshot.

Incremental migration metadata


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