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How can I use of CSV file for multiple IMAP mailboxes migration

  • Login to EdbMails application using the appropriate credentials (E-mail Address and password) that you have used while purchasing the license.
  • Select the option 'IMAP, POP3 Email Migration (All IMAP clients. Gmail. Gsuite & more…)' and click the 'Let’s Go!'.

    IMAP Migration

  • Select the 'Multiple server' and 'Connect to IMAP' Now click the 'Load Mailboxes From CSV File' button.

    IMAP Multiple Server

  • 'Download sample CSV file', edit sample csv file and add the multiple mailboxes details. Click the 'Browse the CSV file'.

    IMAP Migration Load CSV

  • Application loads all the mailboxes entered in the CSV file as shown below.

    IMAP Multiple Mailboxes