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Microsoft Teams Backup and Restore

EdbMails Microsoft teams backup efficiently performs the backup operations. It helps to backup Microsoft teams data like teams data, private and shared documents etc., The backup and restore operation will be incremental without any duplicates. Secures your data by storing it locally and it can be restored to same or different office 365 tenant whenever it’s needed.

Microsoft Teams Backup Overview

  • Granular backup and restore of all the Microsoft teams like team data, meetings, files, private and shared documents etc.
  • Backup and restore data efficiently in just few links with easy to use interface
  • No impact on users during backup
  • Protect data from ransomware and malware attacks
  • Backup data can be restored at any point of time to the destination server

What we Backup?

Features included for Microsoft Teams backup

Data / settings from source server


Microsoft team data 
Private documents 
Shared documents 

Why to backup Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams Backup

  • Secure data from malware attacks: Protect your data from any sort of malware attacks and the infected data can’t be recovered easily. These attacks can be avoided by having the complete data backup of Microsoft teams.
  • Accidental deletion of data: Easily secure your data from accidental deletion and avoid losing the data permanently as it very hard to recover the deleted data. In this case backed up data can be restored whenever it’s necessary.
  • Prolonged cloud outages: Prolonged Cloud outages may affect the accessibility of the office 365 services. Wherein backup of all the Microsoft teams data helps to access all the data without any interruptions.
  • Data security: Backup of Microsoft teams data helps to avoid any sort of internal and external threats.

Office 365 Backup

Why EdbMails Microsoft Teams backup:

Best SharePoint Online Backup Tool

Maintains the original folder hierarchy

Complete data backup and restore

Complete data backup of all the Microsoft team data, meetings, files, teams, private and shared documents etc., and it can be restored to destination whenever it’s necessary without any data loss.

Secured Local Backup

No restrictions on size

There is no limitations on size of the data. Without any restrictions any Microsoft Teams data can be backup and restored.

Automatic creation of subsites on target server

Restore Microsoft Teams backup at any time

As the backup data will be stored locally there will be no risk of losing data. At any time backed up data can be restored back to same or different office 365 tenant without any restrictions.

Teams data backup

Microsoft Teams data backup

Secure your teams data by backing up all the important documents and the files which are stored in SharePoint. Then the data can be restored to teams on the office 365 tenant.

Granular backup and restore

Incremental Microsoft Teams backup

EdbMails application performs incremental backup of all your Microsoft teams. The initial backup will always be full backup. Incremental backup avoids the duplicate of items on consecutive backups. For incremental backup, you need to perform the backup operation for the specific mailbox from the same computer.

No size restrictions on backup and restore

Maintains the original folder hierarchy

Original folder structure will be maintained on the target server without affecting the existing folder hierarchy.

Restore to same or different office 365 tenants

Zero Downtime

No downtime occurs during the backup operation. Users can continue the workflow without any interruptions as the backup operation runs in the background.

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