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Mapping of mailboxes is a tedious one with the manual approach. This consumes more time of the migration process in case of mapping a large number of mailboxes for various domains. EdbMails Office Migration tool handles this automatically.

Migrate the specific data items based on the items received ‘After Date’ or ‘Before Date’ ‘Subject’, ‘Attachment ’, ‘From’ address, ‘To’ address, ‘Cc’ ,‘Bcc’ filters. Split PST for exporting to PST, exclude standard / custom folders.

Perform secure migrate from source to target server by meeting all the security standards.

Migrate Non-English Unicode characters, special characters etc. Change the regional settings in the target server same as source server mailbox folder language in the case of language differences.

Get the detailed steps to migrate mailboxes from Office 365 server to Hosted Exchange server.

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