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Exporting a list of Exchange mailboxes to CSV file will be useful to get more information about the mailboxes of the users and it can be used in EdbMails migration.

There is no provision in the EdbMails application to skip a particular public folder from migration. However, you can modify the permissions for specific public folders via Exchange admin center or Exchange Management Shell. The application will skip the public folders which are not having suitable permissions.

The PowerShell command ‘search-Mailbox-DeleteContent’ deletes the contents of a mailbox. By default the Exchange On-Premises provides this cmdLet. Office365 needs an additional step to enable this cmdLet: By default, the “Mailbox Import Export” role is not set.

Server Cannot Service This Account: This error may appear due to Exchange throttling policies which limits the number of connections. This may occur when connecting to the source server/target server via the EWS protocol. Also Exchange throttling policies may affect the migration speed or throttling issues.

Folders like Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Junk Email, and Clutter folders are default email folders created by the email system as top-level folders. These folders have the WellKnownFolderName property which defines common folder names that are used in Exchange and Outlook users’ mailboxes without rely on the source and target server languages.

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