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Could not map Exchange web service folder - Error


Could not map Exchange web service folder.

This error may occur when EdbMails couldn’t recognize the folder in a required folder path. Renaming the folder at the target server is a usual process. The main reasons to occur this error:

  • A user has a label in Google Drive such as 'x/y/z' or 'x' / 'y' / 'z'.
  • Let this be migrated, EdbMails tries to create a folder tree like "x" / "y" / "z".
  • Let the user rename "x" as "x/y" and delete "y" and "z".
  • A folder "x/y" already exists at the target.


Our recommendation is:

  • Let the user log in to the target server and delete the folder (s) that updated.
  • Login to EdbMails application.
  • Connect to source and target servers and perform the migration

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