Public Folder Migration - Step by Step Guide

Migrate Public Folder from Live Exchange to Office 365 Or to destination Live Exchange server and PST

a. Download the EdbMails setup and install it on your computer where you have your Offline EDB file that you wish to recover.  Download

b. Double click the EdbMails setup (EdbMailsSetup.exe) to start the installation process.

c. On the Welcome page, click "Next >" to proceed. And to complete the installation, follow the instructions that appear on the installation screens accordingly.


Click the "Start Your Free Trial" button

Demo login EdbMails

Select the Export Method as "Exchange Migration" and click "Continue".


a. Select the "Connect to Export / Backup / Migrate Public Folder" checkbox as shown in the below image. Enter the Live Exchange account credentials to connect to Source Exchange Server and click "Login to Exchange". Before connecting to Live Exchange server make sure to set the impersonation rights to a Exchange server user.

Click here to know how to set the impersonation rights.


b. After successful login, verify all the required Live Exchange mailboxes are listed and click "Continue".


If you are able to view all the Exchange server user accounts, click the “Continue” button


In List of Mailboxes, if you are missing the Mailbox names, then execute the powershell commands to generate the CSV file.


Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Select-Object PrimarySmtpAddress, DisplayName | export-csv "C:\Mailbox_Names.csv"



Verify the generated CSV file, check for the missing mailboxes.


Click the “Load Mailboxes From CSV File” button


Select the generated CSV file


Click the "Continue" button

c. Select the export location by browsing to desired location and click "OK".


d. Select the Public folder associated mailbox. Afterwards, select “Export Live Exchange to PST [Incremental]” button

For Instance : If you have associated mailbox to your Public Folder then select to Migrate / Export your Public Folder.


e. Include or exclude mails by date, subject, attachment, to/from address, if necessary, using the filtering options and click “Export / Archive Exchange to PST”


f. During the export operation, detailed progress will be displayed as shown in the screenshot below


h. Once the Export operation is completed, the message "Export operation has been completed" will be prompted.

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