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Autodiscover service is not returning a valid Exchange Web Service URL


Auto discover service is not returning a valid Exchange Web Service URL. This may occur due to:

  • The account does not exist or has no mailbox associated with it.
  • If the Office 365 license is F1 or F3 that limits the access of AWS.
  • If the mailbox is created recently and needs time to replicate.
  • No response from Office 365 discovery services.


Check for the mailbox existence by logging in to the Office 365 mailbox. As F1 licensed mailboxes have limitation on accessing Exchange Web Services, use administrative credentials to overcome this limitation. Ensure that impersonation rights set to admin account.

If the mailbox was created and license is assigned within last 24 hours there is a chance of updates pending. It needs to wait till replication and re –try the migration.

If the mailbox is assigned other than F1 or F3 license, ensure that Office 365 Auto discovery service response is appropriate using the Microsoft connectivity test website.