User Interface

EdbMails GUI is simple, easy to use as any Exchange Administrator is already used to Outlook’s look and feel.

On the main screen, it is one step operation to recover and export your corrupted EDB files into Outlook PST file.

Previewing Mailbox Items

Now that we have opened Exchange database, we can select items such as e-mails, contacts, calendars etc., using tree view which is present in the left pane of the application. Double click the items (Inbox, Outbox, Calendars etc.,) in order to preview them and, eventually, recover them if necessary.

EdbMails will list all the Mailboxes scanned and detected within the EDB.

When exploring a mailbox, every item in a selected folder is displayed on the right pane.

Since this is a raw reading of the EDB file, EdbMails recovers everything, including system generated items.

Here, we can easily navigate through the Inbox, with every e-mail being successfully and quickly previewed in the bottom right-hand corner, just like with Outlook.

If an e-mail contains any attachments such as pictures, Word files, PDFs, etc., these can also be easily previewed.

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