• To perform OST to Office 365 migration, the Office 365 account that you are Impersonating must be an Office 365 Exchange Mailbox user account.

  • There is no need to set Impersonation rights to all the Office 365 Exchange mailbox accounts. Set Impersonation rights to only the Administrator
    user and use this Administrator user for Office 365 login via the EdbMails application during OST to Office 365 migration. Using this Impersonated user,
    EdbMails will list all the other users and you can map them to any Mailboxes for OST To Office 365 migration.

Steps to perform OST to Office 365 Migration

  1. Open
    Enter the credentials of your Office 365 Administrator Exchange Mailbox account to Sign in.

  2. Click on the button from the top left corner to open the menu as shown below

  3. Click on security & Compliance button as shown below
    security & Compliance

  4. Click on permissions

  5. Click on "Go to Exchange Admin center".
    Exchange Admin center

  6. Double click on the role group "Discovery Management".
    Role Group

    • a. Click '+' to Add Roles
      Select 'ApplicationImpersonation' and click on add then click on OK.

    • b. Click '+' to add the members.
      Select the members who are having the administrator rights and click on add then click on OK.

  7. Click on Save to complete the Impersonation.

  8. Now Open the EdbMails application, Login and select the OST file that you wish to export to Office 365.

  9. On the main GUI, select the Mailboxes that you wish to export and Click the button "Export Selected Mailboxes / Folders..."

  10. Select the Export Method as "Export Selected Mailboxes / Folders to Office 365" to continue, as shown below
    OST Export Selected Mailboxes / Folders to Office 365

  11. Select Connection Type and Mailbox type and Click the 'Next' button to continue.
    OST Office 365 login

    Login with Office 365 Impersonated administrator credentials for Office 365 Service authentication.
    OST Office 365 login

  12. After successful login, you will be listed with all the associated office 365 users. Where in you can map it respecitve mailboxes.

  13. After mapping the Mailboxes, click the "Continue" button to continue with the OST to Office 365 migration.

    Mapping OST to Office 365


  14. During export operation, the progress will be displayed as shown in the below screenshot.
    Export OST to Office 365

  15. Once the Export operation is completed, the message "Export operation has been completed." will be prompted.

NOTE: Please note that according to Microsoft, Office 365 Small Business plans cannot assign impersonation rights manually. The default built-in admin account is the only one who can hold such a permission.

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