Exchange Server EDB File Recovery

Recovering Exchange Server corrupted EDB file is a single step process in EdbMails. It can instantly recover / repair the corrupted database file regardless of size of the EDB file.

  1. Copy the EDB and STM files (STM file is required only for the Exchange Server version 2003 or below) respectively into workstation leaving all its transaction logs behind.

  2. Open EdbMails and login to the application.

  3. On successful login the below screen will be displayed.
    select edb

    Click the Browse for EDB button to navigate to where the EDB is located. If you are using Exchange 2003, EdbMails will automatically look for the corresponding STM file in the same location. If you are using Exchange 2007 or above, STM files are no longer used.

  4. Now click the Continue button to start recovery operation.

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