Steps to purchase license for your Clients / Users

  1. 1. Create an account for yourself

  2. 2. Add Users (your clients) under your account

    a. Login to your account

    b. Upon successful login, select the 'Add Users' as shown below to add your User (Client) account


    c. Now, enter your User (client) Name, Email Address etc., and create an account for your User on the screen that displayed.


  3. 3. List the User / Client account(s) that you have created under you

    Upon Creating the account for your User (Client), select the 'List Users' as shown below.


  4. 4. 'Login As' a particular User to purchase the license on behalf of the selected user.

    Now, to purchase the license for a particular User under your account, click the button 'Login As' as shown below for the User (client)


  5. 5. Purchase license for your User

    You can now proceed purchasing the required license for the intended User (the user whom you have 'Login As' in the step#4). Similarly you can add any number of Users under your account and 'Login As' particular user and purchase the license.


  1. All the email communications during license purchase will be sent to your email address (and not to your users email address).
  2. You will purchase the license on behalf of your Users and you will communicate to them directly.
  3. You will be eligible for the commission as decided by EdbMails, based on the number of users sign up under your account.
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