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EdbMails exchange migration tool is the best option for reliable and risk-free


upgrade exchange 2010 to 2016 migration

You can also migrate to recent versions of exchange server from older versions. It is trusted by millions of exchange administrators across the globe because of its proven track record in delivering efficient results.

Source ExchangeMigration to Destination
 2007/1020132016Office 365
Exchange 2007/10    
Exchange 2013    
Exchange 2016    
Upgrade Exchange 2010 to 2016

Exchange Server Upgrades and Migrations

Upgrade Exchange 2010 to 2016 or migrate from one exchange server to another. If you are on an older version of exchange, you can move to a newer version with EdbMails exchange migration tool. Whether you are performing whole server upgrade or want to move users between forests, EdbMails can handle all such scenarios with ease and precision. Keep your servers up to date as EdbMails supports direct migration from Exchange 2003/2007 to 2013/2016 without needing to install Exchange 2007 or 2010 as an intermediate thus ensuring cost-effective migration.

Exchange to Office 365 Migration

Exchange to Office 365 Migration

Looking for a way to Migrate from on-premise exchange server to Office 365?  although there are no official ways supported by Microsoft to accomplish such a migration, EdbMails exchange migration tool has got you covered here as well. Migrate all your organizational data from Live exchange server to Office 365 tenant using EdbMails.

Exchange 2010 to 2016 Migration Support

Cross forest migration support

Complex forest relationships will never hinder the migration prospects thanks to EdbMails. Accomplish cross forest or cross domain migrations in a pretty straightforward and secure fashion using EdbMails.

Public Folder to Exchange Server

Public Folder migration support

Exchange migration tool can also accomplish flawless migration of entire Public folder data. So next time you are trying to migrate your organization's public folder, you know how to do it securely.

Exchange 2010 to 2016 Selective Migration

Migrate selective items

Migrate all the mailboxes or better yet pick and choose for yourself which specific items from the mailboxes/folders to migrate. This allows you to migrate only those tasks, calendar, notes, journals, junk mails or deleted items that you want to migrate instead of doing it as a whole.


Extensive Language support

Language is never a barrier for EdbMails. It comes with built in support for Non-English Unicode characters and you can rest assured knowing that it can migrate exchange irrespective of the language and is also capable of working with and migrating most types of special characters.

Exchange 2010 to 2016 Upgrade Duplicate Items

No Duplicate items

Due to its smart algorithms, EdbMails can ensure that there is no duplication of mails in target mailboxes as it will migrate only those items that haven't been migrated yet. This makes sure that there are no duplicates.

Upgrade Exchange User Interface

Easy to Manage

There is no critical technical sophistry required for using exchange migration tool thanks to its easy to use GUI. With EdbMails you don't have to rely on complex Exchange Management shell cmdlets for migration. Migrating large organizational servers? Worry not, as EdbMails provides options to easily map source mailboxes to target server mailboxes.

Upgrade Exchange Migration Down Time


Yes, you read it right - EdbMails guarantees zero downtime. End users can maintain their workflow as the application puts no limitation to access of the server or respective mailboxes by users. This essentially means that your current exchange deployment will be up and running and completely usable during the entire migration process.

Secure and Safe Upgrade Exchange 2010 to 2016

Secure and Safe Migration

EdbMails ensures that there is no change to data at the source server. It also ensures that all the credentials you enter during its operation are securely encrypted and used only to achieve the migration goals set for it. This ensures tension free migration.