Migrate Office 365 Public folder to Office 365

Perform effortless migration of all your Office 365 Public Folder data to another Office 365 Public Folder. With an easy to use interface, you can setup the migration project in just a few clicks. You can also map Office 365 Public Folder mailbox to target Office 365 public folder using EdbMails.

Incremental Migration of public folders office 365

Incremental Public folder migration to Office 365 from source Office 365 is supported by EdbMails. What this means is that the first migration will always be a full migration, however, successive migrations from the same computer will only migrate the newly added items to the target public folder mailbox. This not only helps save time and bandwidth but also ensures no duplicates in the mailboxes.


Automatic reconnect during any intermittent internet connection

With EdbMails you won't have to worry about any intermittent connection issues as it reconnects automatically and progresses the migration.

Source / Target server interruption — if a Source / target server experiences an interruption, the source/target network connection is physically broken but both the source and target maintain the connection information. Application Availability source, not being able to communicate with the Availability target server, in this situation EdbMails tries to re-establish the connection and proceeds with the migration.

Detailed monitoring

EdbMails keeps track of the ongoing migration operation for you. You can also see the progress live on screen. The application also keeps a log of every activity being performed, which makes troubleshooting rather easy if any unforeseen scenario arises.


Reliable migration

The migration performed with EdbMails will always be a 1:1 copy of your Office 365 public folder mailbox data in target Office 365 public folder. What is means is that all the source Public folder items such as calendar, contacts, mails, messages, journals, notes etc. will be present in the destination Office 365 tenant without anything being left out.

Zero downtime

EdbMails for Office 365 Public folder migration to Office 365 has no impact whatsoever on the user mailboxes. Thus, you can run the migration project in the background with no impact on the end-users and their workflow routines.


Easy Authentication

EdbMails allows for easy and secure authentication to both the source and target Office 365 accounts using your credentials for the migration. There is also support for Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).